Immigration to Australia: Main Ways, Visa Types, and Permanent Residency

Australia is a highly developed country, that is ranked as one of the best for immigration, life convenience and doing business. World ratings locate Australia in the top-3, while certain cities like Victoria and Melbourne were named to be the best ones 5 times in a row during 5 last years. So, let`s consider the reasons and ways of immigration and permanent residency with further citizenship in Australia.

Immigration to Australia

Few reasons of Australia attractiveness:

  • social protection (free medicine, high pensions, etc.);
  • one of the lowest level of unemployment in the world (near 6%);
  • obtaining the citizenship of Australia after 4 years of residence and visa-free entry to most countries of the world;
  • relatively low duration of the emigration process (1,5 – 2 years);
  • availability of emigration by money.

Immigration for work

It is the most common type of immigration with further permanent residency in Australia. There are not too many requirements for immigrants, but a good level of language is a must. You have to get a good score in one of the international English tests: IELTS, Cambridge English, TOEFL iBT, Pearson Test of English.

Required level of language compliance is at least 6.0 for each part of IELTS test (some social, medical or economics majors can even require a band not less than 7.0), at least 50 for each component of PTE, no less than 169 for each component of Cambridge English, and minimally 12 for listening, 13 for reading, 21 for writing, and 18 for speaking in TOEFL iBT.

Monitor the list of ‘in-demand’ specialities (it is regularly changed), so you can apply for a certain one in time. The acceptance score equals 60 points, which include age, professional experience, education and language level.Business purpose immigration

Business purpose immigration

According to the standard procedure of entrepreneurial immigration, you should comply with:

  1. work experience, professional level, knowledge, and qualification;
  2. job ‘demand’ at the labour market and its compatibility with Australia immigration requirements;
  3. new business is provided with assistance (registration, licenses, equipment, HR help, etc.);
  4. existing business is provided with enterprise purchase, business verification, and accompanying documents;
  5. temporary work visa or 457 visas in Australia (both personal and family members);
  6. a developed business plan is required;
  7. 457 visa can be proceed to a permanent visa (subclass 186/187) only after 2 years of business activity. And after 2 excessive years, it is possible to get the citizenship of Australia.

Immigration for studyImmigration for study

It is suitable to immigrate through study not only in Australia. An issue is only the limited choice of specialties. Even though they can vary from time to time, it is important to monitor offers from universities and government. Getting a student visa in Australia is very similar to a professional immigration and receiving of 457 visas after graduation. To choose a right profession you should consider that medical specialities, teachers, accountants, engineering, and construction do not require a previous working experience.

During the study, you can apply for a graduate visa (working one for up to 3 years, which depends on what course you are). By the way, you can submit a request for a permanent residency permit just being in Australia.