Moving to Canada

Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world. Every year thousands of people are trying to visit the country and even immigrate. No wonder. It has everything to make life better – good economy, high-quality education, and high standards of living. Considering a number of people trying to move there, it is very difficult to get a visa or immigrate to Canada in general. Difficult but not impossible.

Tourist Visa

There are different ways to get to Canada and they depend on your purpose. If you are planning to visit the country just like a tourist, you will need a tourist visa. This is probably the easiest option. What do you need to apply for Canadian visa?

    • Check the official website on the IEC to know which visa type you need for your trip. Governmental websites usually contain detailed information on all visa types and document requirements.
    • Conduct a small research to see how the process worked last year and what difficulties the applicants had.
  • Collect required documents and double-check whether everything is correct. Providing false information will mean failing to get a visa. Once you have all the documents, submit them and wait for the results. Note that visa officers might ask you to provide additional documents that were not on the list.

Visa Lottery

Visa Lottery canadaIf you want to become a permanent resident in Canada or at least to visit it without problems, you can also try your luck, and participate in a visa lottery. You can participate in Canada Visa Lottery – the criteria based on age, education, language level, work experience, and ability to adapt. Submitting of all the document can be done via online profile. Make sure that all the documents, especially photo correspond to established requirements and standards.

Canada Immigration

If you want to move to Canada, you need to prepare thoroughly and understand that this is not what can be done in a month or two. In some countries, the immigration process might take a couple of years because Canadian authorities need time to verify that you are really better than other candidates.Canada Immigration

You need to be a valuable asset to become a permanent resident of Canada. That includes your profession, experience, and the knowledge of English and French. In fact, it is much easier to immigrate to French-speaking provinces than in English-speaking ones because they are less populated. And, if you are a technical, scientific or mathematics expert, you have all the chances to become that lucky one.

As a rule, in each country, there is a wide range of immigration agencies that specialize in Canada immigration. The immigration consultant helps to collect and submit all the documents in the right way. If you prefer to do it on your own, you should visit governmental websites to find official information. Do not use other websites as the main source of information.