How to prepare for Visa interview?

Can my hair color serve as a cause for rejecting the Visa? Are Embassy employees capable of withdrawing my application if they don’t admire me personally? In reality, similar situations are very scarce. But when we look at the common cases of Visa rejections, most of them were due to lack of necessary documents or errors in application forms. You should know that if you don’t want to waste your application payments, you should get a careful preparation for an interview with officers.

Embassy officer

The 5 steps to getting ready for a visit

Clients never select the time when they can attend Embassy’s officers. They assign a special day with targeted time for an interview so typically, applicants know it two or three weeks ahead. This time is highly valuable as one can fill in all required forms and get ready for a talk with Embassy officers in 5 steps:

  1.   Enclose the whole amount of documents into a tiny folder and bear in mind their disposition by rote. One may skip this part but remember that Visa officers don’t like when on demand of some document applicants start digging into a large pack of papers. Ensure all processes to be plain and tranquil and avoid unnecessary bustling.
  2.   Cast a look at all your forms checking for any lexical or grammar fault. When applicants check out their forms they should confide neither their intermediary nor themselves. They have enormous parcel of documents for filling and if one of them contains errors – officers have all rights for rejecting it.
  3.   Ascertain that people who are coming with you have the corresponding comprehension of the process as you have. Everyone desiring to travel with you should also visit Visa officers. So if your spouse knows that at the very last moment and when she is asked about the purpose of visit, she has no idea – you’d better not go there at all.
  4.   Answer yourself, why do you need any file in your folder. When Embassy officers type legal requirements on the website of Embassy, they await clients inspecting and grasping it all. This determines the necessity in absolute understanding of what do they like and their willingness to bring all documents with them.
  5.   Toy with questions you might face and get prepared to produce your replies. Questions of Visa executives are pretty alike: “Why have you decided to travel there?”, “What do you await from traveling”, “If you had an option to stick to this country, what will you do?” Remember that any delay will appear suspicious and any word one speaks matters.

Embassy officer interviewRemember whom do you talk to!

Don’t count that rigor, with whose applicants complete all forms and their oral qualifications will improve the total performance. Visa officers listen to thousands of people every month and they’ve heard all kinds of voices and language mistakes. Their target is to deduce that you won’t endeavor to deceive them and that you will return back. Have a nice sleep and don’t be nervous as any incertitude might count as a deception attempt.